What to Do If you can See your Eyelash Extensions?

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If you are one of those first timers that chose eyelash extensions to enhance your looks then one of the most common issues that you can face is your extensions coming into your line of sight. I just can’t tell when a girl comes to me saying that she can see her eyelash extensions. Admittedly, it can be pretty annoying.

Now, there can be a lot of causes for those but the problem arise from 2 major reasons. Either your eyelash extensions went out of their shape or your lash tech is inexperienced.

In this article, I’ll further explain the reasons behind both as well as tips on what can be done to remedy it.

You can See your Eyelash Extensions after a Day or some time of Getting them

The first category is those people where everything was good when the lash extensions were applied but after some time things went south. This category includes ones that don’t have any pain, swelling, or issue on their lash line. Now, you might want to jump towards blaming your lash tech but stay with me here.

This issue is more common than you can expect especially if it’s your first application. Most first-timers don’t know that eyelash extensions need a bit of care to keep them in a good shape.

Beware Belly Sleepers!

Now that you’ve got longer thicker eyelashes, they are prone to be bent out of shape, you should protect them from any kind of physical damage. And most eyelash extensions can get damaged if you sleep in an improper position.

Sleeping on your Belly | Elysium Instruments

Sleeping position is the first culprit that can bend your lash extensions out of shape. Sleeping on your belly can cause your lash extensions to become tangled, bent, or even fall out. This is primarily due to the weight of your head that puts pressure on your extensions. This pressure causes them to rub against your pillow or mattress. Over time, this can cause your lash extensions to lose their shape. These bent-out eyelash extensions can come in your line of sight.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways for all you belly sleepers. First and foremost, try to sleep on your back (I know!). This position ensures that there is no pressure on your eyelashes. It helps maintain their shape.

Eye mask | Elysium Instruments

If you are like me and love to sleep on your belly then I’ve got a solution for you. Get yourself a silk or satin pillowcase. Not only the material is gentle on your lashes, but it also helps hamper germ growth on your face or extensions. So, less acne, less eyeliner irritation, and pristine eyelashes. Yay, Win-Win.

Don’t Rub Your Eyelashes

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to avoid rubbing your eyes. Now it can happen during sleep and you might not have any control over it. But try to minimize it as much as possible. It can also cause your lash extensions to weaken and go out of shape. Being out of shape, it is highly likely that eyelash extensions will block your eyesight.

Even then if you find that you are prone to rubbing your eyes while asleep, try wearing an eye mask to prevent yourself from doing it.

Low Retention

Low Retention may not come out immediately, but it’ll be different from others. Instead of seeing your lash line in your eyesight, you’ll see them dangling in front of your eyes. And believe me, it can look pretty frustrating when you’ve invested your time and money on your extensions. However, understanding the causes and prevention methods can help you maintain beautiful, long-lasting eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, the discussion is out of the scope of this article. I’ve discussed this issue in detail in a lot of my articles. Here give them a read: Properly setting up your Lash Extensions after Hot Tub .

What should you do if you are in the first group and you are currently seeing your lash extensions?

I’ve discussed how you can address the root cause of seeing eyelash extensions. Now, what should you do if you want to address the problem right now?

Fear not. The solution is pretty easy. You should set them up back to their shape. First, try brushing them with a spoolie you got with your lash tech kit (Don’t tell me you didn’t get one). Hopefully, that’ll fix them up right away.

If that does not solve the problem then you’ll have to set them up using a little heat. Remember a little heat. Use your favorite hair dryer on the lowest setting with fanning extensions. Try to hold your dryer perpendicular to your lash extensions. Be careful here, you can damage them easily. Hold the dryer in place and use a spoolie to curl them upwards. Try to do it slowly and in multiple sessions.

If you’ve just got your lash extensions, don’t forget to check out following helpful articles.

Phew! Now that resolves your urgent problem, let’s move on to the other group.

You can See your Eyelash Extensions Immediately after their Application

Now if you are in this group, then this is pretty bad. As much as I’d like you girlies to stay out of this group, mistakes happen. The very first is the selection of a lash tech is not suitable for you guys.

Inexperienced Lash Tech or Improper Application

The biggest reason your lash extensions are blocking your eyesight is an inexperienced lash tech. Lash extensions application is an art. Mainly because the same formula does not apply to everyone. You must judge each of your clients and the look they want individually. It requires rigorous practice. As much as I’d like to say that every lash tech tries their best, there are cases when your lash tech is just not trying hard enough.

Lash Tech | Elysium Instruments

To avoid this scenario, it’s important to do your research and choose someone who is trained and experienced. Look for reviews and referrals. Look up their work on their social media. Try to talk to their previous clients and see if the lash tech is truly professional in their behavior.

After this due diligence, have a consultation with your tech. Show them the look you want and have your natural lashes assessed for that particular look. Sometimes the look we choose put too much weight on natural lashes. Your lash tech must tell you if something is right for you or not.

Too much weight on your lash line can cause lash extensions to come down a bit in the line of your sight. This can also cause them to become visible.

On the other side, if your lash artist did a horrible job at applying for lash extensions then it might be possible that they left a lot of lash glue blobs that will be visible. They’d not only crack and provide low retention too.

There is no remedy for this issue. To address the root cause, change your lash artist. Try a good and reputable one. Most of these problems arise when we try to cheap out on things that require a true skill. Do your due diligence and choose a good lash artist.

Lash Line Issues

The last part of this group is those people that are facing lash line issues. These include any kind of inflammation, redness, pain, or excessive psoriasis on your lash line. If your lash line hurt to touch then this is probably some kind of inflammation or infection of the eyelash.

Red or Infected Eyes | Elysium Instruments

Unfortunately, getting lash extensions is not recommended if you have any kind of lash line medical condition. And the problem can sometimes surface after getting lash extensions.

Lash line inflammation is can be caused due to being allergic to lash glue or sometimes due to damage caused by heavy lash extensions (that’s why I said it is important to have an experienced lash tech).

You might not have this problem your whole life but as soon as you got lash extensions, you face this dilemma. This could be because eye extensions can become a site for bacterial growth that causes all kinds of problems. Or it could be because you are allergic to the adhesive.

Good lash techs do a patch test first to ensure that lash glue does not cause an issue later. Fortunately, we have hypo-allergic lash glue. Ask your lash tech if you are unsure

These issues can cause your lash line to change its direction downward due to injury or inflammation. They’ll come in your line of sight but the major sign to look out for in this type of issue is redness, swelling, or painful touch. If you don’t have these issues then look elsewhere for the problem.

In some people, Eyelash extensions can cause damage. In fact, the American Association of Ophthalmologists has studied that lash extensions may be behind damage to hair follicles. Personally, I’ve seen several cases of infections and redness after eyelash extension applications. In my opinion, it is the job of a lash artist to judge whether lash extensions are a suitable beauty product for a particular person. Failing to do that results in these issues. That’s why choosing a reputable lash tech is important.

Eye Checkup | Elysium Instruments

I suggest that if a person feels that there is discomfort, pain, or redness due to their lash line then a quick visit to your general physician could save you a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, keeping lash extensions, in this case, is not always a good idea. But there are other lash lifting and tinting alternatives that could work just as brilliantly. Just give your lash line some time to get healthy before trying these options.

Feel Free to check my other articles.

See you guys around.

Table of Contents