Would You Regret Getting Eyelash Extensions?

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Have you ever had a feeling of regret when you get some special procedure done? You are not alone in that. Most of us have gone through that experience.

The problem here is to find the point of diminishing return. The value of a thing is different for each person. Your friend may perceive getting lash extensions differently than you.

Here is how you can judge if you’ll regret getting eyelash extensions. Just ask yourself the following questions.

Do You have Great Natural Eyelashes?

If you already have a lot of lashes and they are super long then eyelash extensions may not be for you. This would be the case for most of you ladies. A basic lash tint and perm are a lot better if you have natural eyelashes. Especially Asian ladies that have mostly straight downward pointed lashes.

The better procedure would be to get a lash perm or lift. Lash lift gives a beautiful curl and they look natural. Plus, you don’t have to do much maintenance to them.

You’ll also find that you spend basically half the money that you’d on fake eyelashes. Oh! And don’t cheap out on the artist because you’ll end up regretting that too.

Girl with Beautiful Natural Lashes | Elysium Instruments

The thing is what matters is the end result that you are getting. If you are satisfied with a lash perm then you don’t need lash extensions. But if you think that your lashes are thin then it is better to have lash extensions.

Manage Your Expectations

Sometimes clients come to lash techs with a picture of lash extensions that wouldn’t look good with their face shape insisting that they want that exact look. Believe it is nearly impossible to create an exact look between the same face shapes and you want them to do that for different ones.

Having a good baseline is good but your lash tech is better prepared to help you understand which look would suit your face. Take a few looks you’d like and then let your lash tech guide you on which one is best for you. Because if you are going to insist on getting that exact shape then you’ll be disappointed even with the best lash masters out there.

Do Have an idea of Do’s & Don’ts for Lash Extensions?

Most clients go for lash extensions to get that beautiful makeup look every morning. What they don’t research is the maintenance cost for lash extensions. Lash Extensions are not that high maintenance but considering them to be no maintenance is a fool’s thought.

Your lash extensions have a natural cycle of growth. Correspondingly they also fall off after a fixed time. Now this time varies somewhat from person to person but a generally accepted standard is 8 weeks. That’s why a client is required to get fill-ins at 4 to 6 weeks period so that their artist can replace the lashes that have fallen off.

This means that you must spend on your fill-ins every 6 weeks approximately. Add aftercare products to that too because they usually last this long. If you think that doing all this is a hassle, then you’ll definitely regret eyelash extensions.

Lash Line | Elysium Instruments

Due to the carefree nature of human beings, we tend to forget a lot of things till they happen. Most of us don’t have an idea of the lash hair cycle. And when they face that their lash extensions are going to fall off in 8 weeks then they get disappointed.

So, understanding the proper procedure and maintenance procedure for lash extensions is important and first-timers generally don’t research that. Which results in a lot of disappointed opinions.

Another issue is the treatment of lash extensions. Some things become impossible to do with lash extensions. You must do things a bit careful around heat and a lot around an open flame. Cooking on an open flame becomes very difficult.

Stay away from Stove Heat after Lash Extensions | Elysium Instruments

So much that most lash techs recommend not doing it at all. Similarly, you have to limit the time you spend in a spa or beach or around any hot or salty thing. All these things may be a deal breaker for someone but for some, it doesn’t affect them at all. I’ve written a more detailed article on how heat can destroy your lash extensions and what you can do to protect them.

To list a few, here are some articles that can guide you on avoiding things to protect your lash extensions:

A Bad Lash Artist?

Most of the people complaining on the forum are the victims of an unprofessional lash artist. Despite me being personally in this business, I must call out things like these.

Lash artistry require diligent work and practice to achieve beautiful end results. And when they don’t do that then problems occur. These artists don’t have an idea of how to deal with issues. It comes with practice and experience. And as a result, clients get low retention high maintenance product that makes their life hell.

Worried about getting Eyelash Extensions | Elysium Instruments

The second group of the lash artist is the one that tries to cut corners. I mean, understandably, you should optimize your business but there are a few things that you should not cut corners on.

Take for example lash glue. When a lash artist cut corner on a lash glue, their clients get low retention lash extensions which result in them regretting things because they’ll have to go for fill-ins quicker than they need to. That’s why you should choose your lash artist carefully.

P.S. Here’s a more detailed article on Lash Glue.

The third scenario makes for very poor beginners that don’t even have any training. Although I appreciate lash techs that self-learn things but you should first test them on a dummy instead of messing up somebody’s face.

Basic certification in this case becomes a necessity to ensure that clients at least get a baseline treatment. I’ve seen horrible lash lines that stuck up due to poor glue application. And mostly, if you get this type of treatment then it is likely that you’d avoid getting lash extensions altogether.


In the end, what matters is that it is your decision to get lash extensions. They helps you get that beautiful post makeup look with minimal maintenance. However, things can go horribly wrong if you don’t do your due diligence.

Hope you guys liked my article. Here is a list of my other articles about Eyelash Extensions that you might be interested in.


Table of Contents