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This is one of the most confusing things that you might face when you want to tip your beautician. Tipping cosmetologists or beauticians is an age-old way of appreciating their hard work. But it is also important to know when to tip the owner of a Spa or Hair Salon? Mostly, its a moral dilemma. But we can easily understand when to tip by asking ourselves a few questions.

Why Tipping is important?

Although there are fixed packages for each service that you want, things can vary from person to person. And the more money you spend the better result you get might not be true in this case.

I’ve seen some young lash techs personally taking an hour above to get the exact beauty they want. When someone is doing that much service to you despite not saying anything then they deserve to be appreciated.

As a general rule of thumb, if a salon or spa did a good job then they deserved to tip at a rate of 20%. You can round things up for your convenience.

But this applies to ones that are working on you. Let’s say an owner didn’t provide you service directly then there is no need to tip her. You only tip those directly working with you. But let us say an owner did work with you. You need to ask yourself a few questions in this regard and people do get confused here especially if you are working with sole business owners in their homes.

To Pay Tip or Not | Elysium Instruments

But you can easily solve the problem by changing they way you think. Before all that you have to ask yourself a few questions.

First, Did Your beautician do a Good Job?

The tip is an appreciation. It is a way of telling if you are satisfied with their service. Even if someone didn’t do anything extra but still does a good job and took good care of you then they deserve a tip. Regardless of not providing you anything extra.

So, to summarize it. If they did a good job then deserve a tip. That’s my opinion.

Paying Bill to Salon | Elysium Instruments

This happens with most seasoned artists here in the US. They have become so proficient in their work that they usually tend to complete their work perfectly. Most of them are introverts that may not be good at bonding with their clients but still does a good job. You should always give them that benefit of the doubt.

There are a lot of people. And they each have their own circumstances. Everyone does not open up to others and you should give them the benefit of doubt. This doesn’t mean that they are rude or something. If they did a good job but didn’t open up to you or weren’t chatty they deserve that tip regardless.

This is regardless of where they work. Whether they work in a rented booth or at home, they deserve that tip.

Second, Did your Beautician go the Extra Length for You?

The second scenario is if they went to some extra lengths for you. Sometimes, the work an artist takes up takes way longer than they expect. Or if they face some problem that they didn’t expect. It’s not their fault that it happened. It is not yours either.

Lash Tech | Elysium Instruments

In that case, if you feel that you are taking up a lot of their time or they struggled with something but ended up overcoming it eventually then you should definitely tip them. It helps encourage them to work hard.

This scenario happens when a talented beautician is new in the business but eager to provide good work. They often don’t care about their time but focus on the end result.

If you appreciate such a relationship then you are helping a budding artist set their foot in the industry. And I’ve seen such relationships last a long time.

So, the crux is if they went extra length then they deserve a tip regardless of whether they are an owner or else. They did what was not included in the package just that you can look good and they definitely deserved to be tipped.

Lastly, Where are They Working?

Last is where are they working. Now, this should not be the deciding factor of whether you should tip or not. Personally, for me, it decides the amount of the tip.

Blue Shirt Girl Thinking Whether to Tip or Not | Elysium Instruments

If they are working from their home and did a good job then they deserve a full tip. It means that they are good but starting or are there for some other reason. They deserve to be treated for their work.

If they are working in a rented booth then they must pay for that booth in addition to the time they are providing. In this case, for me personally, I tip more than I do in the first case.

Now, here is a bit of controversy. In this case, the tip gets to normal if I’m working with an owner. The hefty tip was for ones that are renting the booth, not for salon owners.

The third case is for those who are using their homes as a salon. Now, don’t get confused here because they are using their own houses. Home based Lash Techs have overheads. They work tremendously hard to maintain their salon and their clientage.

They deserve to be tipped as much as any proper salon shop. Most often they are starting out and giving them a little extra helps them motivate towards their proper setup.

To sum things up, you should always tip if your beautician did a good job. Even if they don’t go the extra mile they deserve a tip. But when they do be generous enough to add a little cherry on the top of the tip.

All of this is regardless of the place they are working in. The basic way to judge is their work other factors should be irrelevant in deciding the tip of a cosmetologist or beautician.


I hope that now you can decided whether to tip your lash salon owner with ease. The crux of the discussion is to decide what you think in your heart. If you believe that they deserve it then they definitely should be tipped. Here is our collection of Salon & Barbershop related articles then are beneficial for both owners and client.

Table of Contents