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We ensures that our customers get quality instruments at best prices. We not only provide them with their requisite prices but also provide them with viable white labeling solutions to ensure their sucess.

Our customer ranges from high ticket beauty brands to distributors and retailers. Basically anyone that sells a stainless steel instrument could be our customer. 

Elysium Instruments was founded at Sialkot, Pakistan in 2008. Initially, we took orders only from trade shows and personal connections. In 2020, after getting a plethora of customers worldwide, we decided to consolidate our online presence and brand.

Our catalogs can be found in links at the bottom of the page. They can also be obtained if you mail us at

You don’t have to do much after asking for quotation. Our customer management staff would be with you discussing every option possible to your satisfaction.

Working Procedure

The short answer is yes. The detailed answer is yes but it depends on your budget of the project as it would include removing our current team from their R&D and then handing them over your project. So, project feasibility should be kept in mind while doing it. 

Our customer service department is very active in interactions with the customers. Therefore almost all the matter are dealt with in the matter of hours. (a time-frame of usually 24 hr is given)

Yes, we always provide samples for evaluation. The samples are based on the nature of contract therefore inquire beforehand.

Elysium Instruments is always innovating to decrease the manufacturing time of products. We try to keep the usual production time under 4 weeks but it varies greatly depending on the type, quantity and quality of products.

No, we don’t. Elysium Instruments treats every customer equally whether they are a small retailer or a large corporation.


We have strategically positioned our production facilities for faster logistics. The shipment time can vary greatly depending on the nature of shipping method a customer has selected.

We try our best to our customer with the minimal lead time but due to circumstances outside the scope of our company, shipments can be delayed. Even then we try to keep our customers informed about the situation. For more information, read our delivery policy.

We have a created a detailed resource about the returns of items and in which cases, it is applicable. Kindly read it here.

Product & Production

Elysium Instruments have created 3 step quality assurance procedure in production that exceeds industrial standards to make sure that our customers gets the quality they deserve.

All our instruments are sterilized prior to packing but you should not rely on our sterilization as the instrument can be contaminated during the shipping. We recommend all our customers to sterilize the instruments after removing it from packing. 

Yes, we provide white labeling solutions (OEM/OBL Services) according to the need of customers. They can pack and stamp them as they like.